Back after 38 Years

Hello from my flight to Amsterdam, This will be my first time to be in Amsterdam in an fashion. It is a city that I have always wanted to visit, and yes, for many of the reasons everyone hears of, but it is another country to add to my list of places traveled. As IContinue reading “Back after 38 Years”

What Does It Take?

Hello from about 35,000 feet and above the Colorado/Utah border, perhaps a little west. It has been some time since I’ve made a cross-country trek, either by air or land; in fact, it is the closest I’ve been to Placerville since shortly following Lydia’s passing. I believe that is the longest stretch of time awayContinue reading “What Does It Take?”

Food, Wine, Terroir, and Place

Hello from the foothills in the Sierra Mountains, After another quick trip to WI, I flew on to Somerset, CA, a small town at about 2,300 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I am back visiting my friend, and renaissance person, Marco, his wife, Belinda, and their two wonderful children. My first visit toContinue reading “Food, Wine, Terroir, and Place”