Cosmetics for the Soul

Hello from a little bistro called October 6, Permítanme comenzar con un sincero agradecimiento. Primero a mi compañero de clase de la universidad, y un compañero de clase profundamente brillante y amable se acercaron el i fin de semana. Tus comentarios son más significativos de lo que nunca sabrás. Es irónico que nos comuniquemos enContinue reading “Cosmetics for the Soul”

It’s too late to . . .

Good morning from the mini-Acre. We are products of systems and processes. More often then we care to admit we get caught up in the process and are influenced by the system in such a way we lose ourselves. We attempt to control the uncontrollable only to find ourselves somewhat frustrated, increasingly fearful, and mostlyContinue reading “It’s too late to . . .”

Called, Gathered, Enlightened, and Sanctified

Hello on a chilly and damp November morning, At the passing of my pastoral mentor, I have been somewhat preoccupied with reflecting on my life both as a pastor and beyond. I remember my ordination day generally, and I still have a VCR tape of it, which I should probably have re-rendered into a differentContinue reading “Called, Gathered, Enlightened, and Sanctified”