Beginning a Morning at Fog and Flame

Good morning from the @Fog_and_Flame, I came in early this morning to get my ducks-in-a-row and try to get ahead of the game a bit. As we are already a third of the way through the semester this week, I am realizing how quickly some things are coming. It is a bit disconcerting at best,Continue reading “Beginning a Morning at Fog and Flame”

Pleasant Surprises

Hello from the study in my house, It was a busy, but productive, week as I noted in both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Today I had the opportunity to serve as a judge of the Pennsylvania Forensics Association competition that was held here at Bloom. I judged both debate and poetry. I was soContinue reading “Pleasant Surprises”

Snow, Classes, Choices

Good late Sunday evening, I have been working on school work most of the weekend, but returned from the Legislative Assembly of the Faculty Union on Saturday. I am alway amazed by what I learn at these assemblies. I am amazed by the hard work and tremendous scholars that is conducted and are present atContinue reading “Snow, Classes, Choices”