Music, Images, Work, and . . .

101Hello from my office on a Sunday evening,

The past week felt like I was hanging on by a thread and the single strand will be stretched and possibly frayed before the end of the coming week. I thought the fall was the busiest of the semesters I have had here at Bloom, but it seems like this semester has already outpaced that one. I have not really added a single thing to my list, and, in fact, I have lost some things in the process, but that will be for a different time and posting. I am wondering if some of it has to do with the fact that this winter is certainly a winter of one’s discontent . . .  and it has decided to stay for an extended period. Saturday it was a day with actual sunshine and reasonable temperatures. More importantly, it was understandable to me (as I know myself) that I felt energized, but it also caused me to realize how depressed I was by the continuous winter. I do not dislike the snow; in fact, I find it quite beautiful, but as I look at my house and the green of the yard, I am realizing the early summer is more appreciated by me than I might have given it credit.

My Foundations students are working on their Visual Argument papers and I am pleased by the seriousness that many of them are working to find primary source material. They are required to work on contacting a number of people who have some specific roles in the creation of the video. I am continually astonished by the ever-increasing integration of sound, image, and language. It is nothing new and I understand that, but our realization and subsequent development of it as a important art form is really interesting to me. 

This past week I got a copy of a new book, which I cannot find at the moment (the moment is past, and I have found it. It was right in front of me). It is titled Writer/Designer and is authored by three of my graduate colleagues. I need to dig through it because I think I am going to employ it, but I have to figure out to get it digested in a day or two. I think there are some things that can be really interactive and might work to help both students and me accomplish what I have laid out in my Writing for Multiple Media class. I am continually caught a bit off guard at how quickly things seem to add up. I hear my students say it, but it is not really any different on this side. I think part of that is because I am never satisfied with how things are going. I always want them to be better. Yet, I must note, and I am quite pleased, I might add, that the great majority of my Foundations students have seemed to have turned a corner. Their memoir packets come in tomorrow and that will give me a lot of work over the next couple weeks. I cannot even get to their papers until Wednesday to start. I have other things I have to manage for the program, for my department, and for the committees I am on. There is something wrong with that statement because we are here first for the students, but I have that much on my plate at the moment.

That being said, I did get some significant things done over the past three weeks, so I am in better shape on some things. However, I need to keep the little nose to the grindstone as they say. I am afraid at the rate I am going I will not have much of a nose left. Maybe I should put some of my more extensive flabby parts to that grindstone. Of course, that is an entirely different issue that I need to get back to managing more effectively. Perhaps I need another significant bout with my “Crohn’s Diet” as I call those times. My weight is not where it was, but I feel as out of shape as I ever have. It is depressing. However, I know too well that bemoaning it, will not change it; it requires something more substantial.

That being said, I need to sit at my desk a while longer and get more done here first. So . . .  I am listening to music, reading about music, considering image in a number of different genres, and working away. At the same time, not far from my thoughts is Lydia, whose picture graces this entry.

Thanks for reading as always,

Dr. Martin (aka: Miguelito)

Published by thewritingprofessor55

I am a professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and the director of and Professional and Technical Writing minor, a 24 credit certificate for non-degree seeking people, and now a concentration in Professional Writing and Digital Rhetoric. We work closely to move students into a 4+1 Masters Program with Instructional Technology. I love my work and I am content with what life has handed me. I merely try to make a difference for others by what I share, write, or ponder through my words.

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