Thinking Critically in a Spontaneous World

Good early morning, It is 3:43 a.m. And I went to be around 10:00 or so, and in a pattern that is more normal than what I have done lately, I am awake though it is early. This past week I have had nights where I have slept more than 8 or 9 hours straight,Continue reading “Thinking Critically in a Spontaneous World”

The More I Learn . . .

Hello from the house, Sometimes, it seems just as I think I begin to figure things out, I realize how little it is I seem to know; and more profoundly, or even more frighteningly so, the miniscule number of items or circumstances  I can actually control. This past week has reminded me once again ofContinue reading “The More I Learn . . .”

We all need Vacations . . .

Hello everyone (well not quite), As a break from grading and packet reviewing, I am going to write a blog that will be posted in two different blog sites, but both sites are important. First, there is my long standing blog here, and then there is a blog that is available on the site. WhatContinue reading “We all need Vacations . . .”

SGS – Short Once Again

Hello from the GI/Nutrional Center at Geisinger, I am currently waiting for a recopying of paperwork that I managed to misplace before I even got out of the hospital today. I am not sure how I managed that, but I did. I have been diagnosed with something called Short Gut (or Bowel) Syndrome, which is aContinue reading “SGS – Short Once Again”

Show me the Way

Hello from my upstairs, It has been a day of reflection and a day of feeling I am too far away from where I  believe  I should be. As I was telling my colleague, Mark, this morning as we shared our thoughts about Dan and Mike, or Drs. Riordan and Levy, a bishop might have demanded the resignationContinue reading “Show me the Way”

Feeling Better . . . And Feeling Blessed

Hello from the Acre, It is amazing what technology does; it matters not whether we are talking social media and our daily obsession or whether we are referring to what happens in a dctor’s office, an X-ray room, or a same-day surgical suite. This past week I have been a willing participant in all ofContinue reading “Feeling Better . . . And Feeling Blessed”