Books For My Bedside Table

Hello from my office at home, It has been a good week; there is so much on my table, but I keep plugging away. One of the interesting things about the current typical college student might be shocking to some, to others perhaps maybe not so much. The traditional 18-23 year old college student actuallyContinue reading “Books For My Bedside Table”

Just an Academic Christian

Hello on a damp and chilly January evening, Today I had the opportunity to chat with a colleague from another department in my college and one who researches a number of issues and aspects about rhetoric, religion, politics, and culture. We have talked briefly before and I have read some of his work, so theContinue reading “Just an Academic Christian”

Is it Stars Aligning or?

Hello from Danville, I am in the town where I do the great majority of my medical appointments waiting on a lunch appointment. I have noted from time to time that I have lived my life with not much of a strict sense of where or why. Suffice it to say there was no grandContinue reading “Is it Stars Aligning or?”

Wondering: What Have I Learned? It is a Holy Love

Hello on a Saturday night from my study/home office/Apple TV room, Yes, this upper room is for me my getaway place. It is the place I do work, practice various languages, try to keep my home in order and I will listen to music. It is one of the places I have Bose speakers forContinue reading “Wondering: What Have I Learned? It is a Holy Love”

Higher Education Today

Hello from my kitchen, There is a lot I need to accomplish and I am in the midst of preparing for another semester. While the use of Course Delivery Tools makes some aspects of managing a class, lectures, grades, and information easier, to do it well is laborious and a never ending proposition. Yes, onContinue reading “Higher Education Today”

Why Does Dana Live On?

Hello from my study, It is the end of New Year’s Day and for the first time in 5 years I am not in Europe or Krak√≥w the first day of the year, and more significantly in a half a decade. Of course, as I have noted in other posts, this NW Iowa boy neverContinue reading “Why Does Dana Live On?”