Understanding that which is Illogical

Hello once again from the dorm room, I am back after a bit of a long, albeit enjoyable and enlightening, day. It was a great day as far as class and culture and that is really what this trip is about. Dr. Polyuha and I have spoken about the importance of the academics as wellContinue reading “Understanding that which is Illogical”

525,600 Minutes

Hello from my dorm room in Krakow, Most of you will see this title and instantly think of the Broadway play or the movie of the same title, Rent. It is actually one of my favorite movies and the song ranks right up there also. But this measure for me as I begin to typeContinue reading “525,600 Minutes”

Imagining Someone, Somewhere, Something Different

Good late afternoon (but it is already dark) Hello from my little room in the dorm. It is barely 4:30 in the afternoon, but it is already dark. The students went to the salt mine in Wiekiczka this afternoon following morning culture class and lunch. I came back to the dorm and did a bitContinue reading “Imagining Someone, Somewhere, Something Different”