What to Do: the Sharp Side of the Doubled-Edged Sword

Hello on my first full weekend in Krakow, Yesterday (Friday, the 28th) was the first day that I have not had to some home and jump in a shower from the heat since I arrived in Europe. Last week I was in Moscow on the hottest day they had on record in June since 1956.Continue reading “What to Do: the Sharp Side of the Doubled-Edged Sword”

Gratefulness 40 Years in the Making

Cześć w chłodniejszy poranek z Krakowa, What I have said is “hello on a cooler morning” from the sort of intellectual capital of Poland, the former capitol city, Kraków. It is actually by 7th time to this city of a little over a million people. With sites like Wawel Castle, the picture at the topContinue reading “Gratefulness 40 Years in the Making”

Understanding (and Maybe Accepting) Limitations

Hello from Helsingistä Suomi, Another layover has allowed for another cultural experience in yet another country. This one has a bit of significance because it was a Finnish Lutheran Junior College that provides the entree into the path that would lead me to the academy. So many mixed emotions when I consider the Upper PeninsulaContinue reading “Understanding (and Maybe Accepting) Limitations”

Доброе утро из Москвы

Hello from Center City Moscow, I was blessed to have Ana and Basil pick me up at the airport yesterday. I experienced both the trains and the subway (underground) in my first couple of hours. After a wonderful dinner and conversation last night (and a gift of meeting the infamous BFF of Ana, also knowContinue reading “Доброе утро из Москвы”

Managing Change (Управление изменениями)

Hello on a rainy, foggy, and unseasonably cold Mother’s Day Night, Yesterday the weather was sunny and through two outdoor graduations, I managed to get a significantly sunburned face. With the wearing of sunglasses a good part of the day, I look like a raccoon, but as a negative or reversed color order. It isContinue reading “Managing Change (Управление изменениями)”