“The Right to Die . . . The Will to Live”

Good Tuesday Morning from my office, I am between classes and trying to write a blog post in a matter of 25 minutes. I was in WI this past week because Lydia, the neighbor for whom I care, had some significant health issues as she is sadly moving toward the end of life. When IContinue reading ““The Right to Die . . . The Will to Live””

So Much Work . . . So Little Time

Hello from the Fog and Flame It has been a crazy week.  The power went out on campus and they closed the university that afternoon. The temperatures have been in the mid 90s and it is humid. My air conditioners have been running continuously. In addition, the amount of work facing me right now seemsContinue reading “So Much Work . . . So Little Time”

Working ‘on” the Weekend

Hello on Saturday afternoon, We are in the middle of the long holiday weekend and I am quite sure my students think they are the only people in the world required to work ‘on’ the weekend. Well, they are not quite accurate. I have been working a good part of the weekend. I have blogsContinue reading “Working ‘on” the Weekend”

Writing While Teaching Writing

Hello from the corner of the Study; It is interesting to me, in a disturbing way, that while I teach writing and understand the process well, I seem to struggle with my own writing. When I was in Wisconsin, it seemed that I could get things out for publication on a somewhat regular basis. ThatContinue reading “Writing While Teaching Writing”