The Ever-Changing World of Medicine

Hello from the mini-Acre on West Sterner Avenue, I have to admit today that I am missing my house, and the fire pit area. And yet, I am very pleased with the new (now perhaps not new as it is almost two years ago that I left there) place and what has been accomplished. IContinue reading “The Ever-Changing World of Medicine”

The Comfort of a Morning Dove

Hello from a few days of driving, visiting, managing, and grading, Those four participles seem to describe the great majority of what my adult life is; traveling and meeting or reacquainting with those who have blessed my life is something dear to me. Managing the tasks, the work, and then commenting and evaluating the writingContinue reading “The Comfort of a Morning Dove”

Someone to Believe

Hello from a Mediterranean Coffee Shop, We are down to hours left in the class portion of the semester and finals begin on Monday. I remember customarily feeling both anticipation and exhaustion as I faced the impending end of every semester. Part of it was pouring everything I had most of the time into everyContinue reading “Someone to Believe”

Lonely as a Cloud

Hello at the end of a long day, I have been in my office most of the day working, and there is more to do, but my eyes are tired. Working to review student’s submitted work can be exhilarating and exasperating in the same moment. I am excited when I labor through a cover letterContinue reading “Lonely as a Cloud”

Understanding Identity in our Technological World

Hello from my corner of the Little Bakery, It is Wednesday, but it seems like it should be Friday. I have spent more time working: prepping, grading, Zooming, interpreting, studying and believing in myself, yes believing I want to do the best work I have ever done with my classes, be a class I haveContinue reading “Understanding Identity in our Technological World”

Critical, Thorough, and Intentional

Hello as I wonder yet again, It is shortly after midnight, and feeling exhausted earlier, I laid down. I feel asleep and awoke more than once listening to the news of the day. Now I am as wide awake as if it was time to get up in the morning, after a restful night’s sleep.Continue reading “Critical, Thorough, and Intentional”

Rethinking, Reimagining, Revising

Hello from Starbucks at the Library, As I sit in my corner, when I look up all I see is students waiting for their morning caffeine. Certainly, I am not one to argue one’s intake and their need for caffeine, particularly earlier in my life (I remember too many late nights in Perkins during myContinue reading “Rethinking, Reimagining, Revising”

It Simply Fades Away

Hello from another Saturday of Working, What is becoming my new semester weekly process, I am back in Panera, although this time in Buckhorn, sitting at my corner table where there is an outlet. However, I am missing my Panera study-buddy, and reflecting on how many mornings, afternoons, and sometimes a weekend we accomplished soContinue reading “It Simply Fades Away”