Attempting to Understand our Inhuman Behavior

Hello from my office on a day that seems to hint a seasonal change, The desire for Spring only grows more fervent as each day seems to say we’re not there yet. It is amazing how easily we are spoiled by a few warm days and the incredible natural motivator, also known as the sun.Continue reading “Attempting to Understand our Inhuman Behavior”

When it’s more than hypothetical; when it is beyond and something somewhere else

Hello on an evening at the end of a long week, The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions, events, and the wondering of how we have created the world we have. I started a blog post about my older brother who has been gone for two score plus five years, which isContinue reading “When it’s more than hypothetical; when it is beyond and something somewhere else”

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

Hello from my kitchen island, To say I have spent significant time here at my kitchen island since returning from our Christmas adventure would be a profound understatement; it is after 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday evening, and here I am. I have been diligently working on both the current Winter Term class and preparingContinue reading “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant”

Traveling through the Decades

Hello from the porch of my home away from home, During two weeks during the month of July I managed a driving “walk about. It was a journey ultimately covering 3,800 miles and some interaction with things that cover the entirety of my three score plus almost six years of existence. From specific dates asContinue reading “Traveling through the Decades”

My Struggles with being OCD

Hello from a quiet moment. I am sitting in the loneliness of a quiet house at the moment and realizing how much I obsess on little things and how much I sometimes need to understand the why if something. I did not always comprehend my obsession with seemingly minuscule things, but I have been wellContinue reading “My Struggles with being OCD”

Learning Moments Rather than Regrets

Hello from the little cabin, The past two days have been filled with laughter, memories, and enjoyment, but also a certain degree of wistfulness. How is it we continue on with our lives and things that had such importance get lost in our busy, scattered living of our lives? How is it that we canContinue reading “Learning Moments Rather than Regrets”

I am Haunted by Humans

Hello from Manassas, Virginia, It has been an incredibly taxing year on all involved in higher education. From students to faculty, from staff to administrators, the consequence of the pandemic has been felt by all. While that is perhaps an obvious statement, what is not as obvious is the degree to which it has affectedContinue reading “I am Haunted by Humans”

From a one-room Schoolhouse to Oxford: Learning from a Humble Giant

Hello from the coffee shop on a sunny morning, There are other things I must do today, but I am a bit in shock this morning. Much like Grandparents or Parents, we see them as immortal as we do not know life without them. I am feeling much the same with another parallel occurrence yesterday.Continue reading “From a one-room Schoolhouse to Oxford: Learning from a Humble Giant”