A List of Oxymorons:

Hello from the side yard patio and fire pit of the Martin homestead, There are a variety of reasons for me to use the introduction I have, as well as the title. In spite of the fact that I did take a week to go to the Dominican Republic, and even in spite of theContinue reading “A List of Oxymorons:”

90 Years of Life and at 92, I remember

Hello on a late Friday morning, I am in my office and have been watching some videos of the Kennedy (JFK assassination) and listening to audio tapes from Jacqueline Kennedy that were released much later. I have always been fascinated by that time in history. Perhaps because I was a little boy at the timeContinue reading “90 Years of Life and at 92, I remember”

Civility and Community

Good afternoon from my porch, As I begin this post, my spirit aches; my optimism, which is usually strong, is fragile; my disillusionment with our penchant for violence and revenge has weighed me down, and the words “liberty and justice for all,” which are foundational to our national fabric ring hollow and empty. How didContinue reading “Civility and Community”