Frightened, Excited, Overwhelmed, Underprepared or . . .

Good mid-afternoon from Starbucks in the Library, I have turned in my old tablet that was my colleague for my first four years here. Now I have a new tablet, which is sleek, high-powered and terrifically sensitive (I am talking about the mouse pad and not its feelings). I thought things were backed up onContinue reading “Frightened, Excited, Overwhelmed, Underprepared or . . .”

A New Beginning

Good late afternoon from Starbucks (the Library version), My “Life is Good” image is closer to what might have happened last week. As I write this I am realizing there is something comforting to sitting at my middle table where I have sat each year since coming to Bloomsburg University. It is interesting to meContinue reading “A New Beginning”

Food, Wine, Terroir, and Place

Hello from the foothills in the Sierra Mountains, After another quick trip to WI, I flew on to Somerset, CA, a small town at about 2,300 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I am back visiting my friend, and renaissance person, Marco, his wife, Belinda, and their two wonderful children. My first visit toContinue reading “Food, Wine, Terroir, and Place”

Grading and Thinking

Good afternoon from the Fog and Flame, I was supposed to be in Wisconsin as I am writing this, but another great experience on the airlines has grounded me and left me in Bloomsburg. That is not necessarily without some benefit. The change in plans and location has allowed me to manage some of myContinue reading “Grading and Thinking”