Please, just let it end!

Good evening, As I begin this posting, my capstone level students are filling out their course evaluations. This is the next to last class. Next week they will do their presentations with their clients in attendance. I am always excited by this part of the semester to see what they have actually produced. Most timesContinue reading “Please, just let it end!”

And the next thing is . . .

Good Morning from the corner of my office, It was another eventful and jam-packed day yesterday, but all-in-all, pretty productive. I am really somewhat amazed that I was still plugging along at 8:00 p.m. last night because I did not get to bed the previous night. I have been revising and organizing the tenure stuff.Continue reading “And the next thing is . . .”

Sprinting towards what . . . ?

Good evening from the corner of my study,  It has been a busy few days, which certainly seems to be the norm rather than an exception. I remember saying that last semester was busier than any I had ever participated in. At that point, I could not fathom that this semester could, in any wayContinue reading “Sprinting towards what . . . ?”

Managing Tenure

Good Morning from my office, It is early or late, depending on your perspective. I did get a nap a bit earlier and have been back at the office for about the last 5 hours. I am making progress and, at least for the moment, seem to be pretty lucid and focused. I did decideContinue reading “Managing Tenure”

April, Memories, and Vulnerability

Good evening from my office (aka: home away from home), It has been a busy and productive day . . . that is both a good thing and a necessary thing. I have already addressed that requirement, but it seems to be happening. In the next week and a half, there are four dates inContinue reading “April, Memories, and Vulnerability”

Pain is Weakness Leaving my Body

Good evening, I am back in my office and working on a variety of tasks, but at the top of the list is my tenure statement, which is due to my departmental committee next Monday. The title of the post is a slogan printed on the side of a water bottle that was a giftContinue reading “Pain is Weakness Leaving my Body”

Four Weeks and A Wake-up

Hello on a cold and rainy April morning, As I write this, I am not sure what is up with either the weather or my voice at the moment. Yesterday might have been the nicest day we have had thus far this Spring (or the end of the never-ending Winter). I am tired of cold,Continue reading “Four Weeks and A Wake-up”