Writing to living or living to write

   Good Saturday morning, I am trying to manage, arrange, and accomplish all the things that need to be done and have my life in some semblance of order by one week from today. That is my desire and, depending on the moment, such a goal seems modestly obtainable. There are the other moments itContinue reading “Writing to living or living to write”

The Fundamentals of College (and Life)

 Hello from my office, We are back to the last week of classes and the finals the week following. This semester has gone much more rapidly (at least it seems to be the case) than any other semester since I first taught the fall of 1992. It has hard to believe that I have beenContinue reading “The Fundamentals of College (and Life)”

Managing Tenure

Good Morning from my office, It is early or late, depending on your perspective. I did get a nap a bit earlier and have been back at the office for about the last 5 hours. I am making progress and, at least for the moment, seem to be pretty lucid and focused. I did decideContinue reading “Managing Tenure”

Four Weeks and A Wake-up

Hello on a cold and rainy April morning, As I write this, I am not sure what is up with either the weather or my voice at the moment. Yesterday might have been the nicest day we have had thus far this Spring (or the end of the never-ending Winter). I am tired of cold,Continue reading “Four Weeks and A Wake-up”

Running, Jogging or Limping toward Spring Break

Hello from my office, It is about 8:30 and I still have some work to finish up, especially some recommendations I have promised students by the morning, so that will be my next task. I have been meeting with students or in class most of the day. I do not have classes on Thursdays andContinue reading “Running, Jogging or Limping toward Spring Break”

Taking a Break (from reading to doing)

Good evening from my office, Somehow, for the first time since I can remember, I actually had no clue that this morning was the beginning of the switch to daylight savings time. I am not sure how, but when I woke up and it was supposedly 9:00 a.m., I was astounded that I had sleptContinue reading “Taking a Break (from reading to doing)”

Wisconsin Weather in Pennsylvania

Good Morning from my office, I am still working on housekeeping details for the new semester and this little corner of the world, known as 119B Bakeless, has seen more of me than any other place. For the last 13 days, it seems I have spent more time at my desk and worked on moreContinue reading “Wisconsin Weather in Pennsylvania”