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Good late Sunday evening,

I have been working on school work most of the weekend, but returned from the Legislative Assembly of the Faculty Union on Saturday. I am alway amazed by what I learn at these assemblies. I am amazed by the hard work and tremendous scholars that is conducted and are present at the other universities in the system, but I am also reminded of how fortunate I am to be at Bloomsburg. I believe it is one of the stronger schools in the system. Serving on a state-wide committee is also a honor and something that has already taught be a great deal. 

I am rather mind-boggled by some of the proposals and the decisions made at the state level of the system. While I am not naive, I do believe there is still more idealism to me that is perhaps helpful at times. I am not sure why I would like to believe most people can be reasonable if given the complete picture. I guess there is an assumption that people want good things to happen, particularly when it comes to education. I guess when I am forced to look at the complete picture, there is certainly something askew with our priorities. While as you know I am a huge Green Bay Packer fan, the fact that Aaron Rogers is paid 49,000,000.00, and as such is the 6th highest paid professional athlete is ridiculous to me. The amount of money paid to athletes, and I am well aware of all the attempts to justify because of their short career life, says a lot about what we deem as valuable. When most who teach at any level are making less than 6 figures, but an athlete can make 11, there is an issue.

Most of yesterday and today, I have graded or worked on my classes. I am a bit stumped by some of my freshmen students. We are beginning the fourth week of class and some have done minimal to no work. A significant number of others have done some really substandard work. This is a bit disconcerting to me because the clock is moving much more rapidly than they think. When about 1/3 of them have earned a below average or failing grade at this point, there is about to be a reckoning. I am reminded of the line in the movie Tombstone, when Doc Holiday says this about the members of the Cowboys and Wyatt Earp. I do not want to scare students, but I do want them to do their work. Writing is fundamental to who we are and to not be able to do it in an acceptable scholarly way will not work, either in the classroom or someday on the job. There is a choice. The middle of last week we had a snow day, and it snowed even more today. I worked in my office all day. I had sign up sheet for conferences that begin tomorrow up on my wall and they had been there since the day before. As of this evening, there was still about 10 of 47 students who had not signed up. I do not understand this, particularly when I have sent out emails and put announcements in the course delivery tool. I am boggled, as I noted earlier. 

This coming week, there is a lot for me to do, and there are a number of deadlines on the horizon. It is a matter of creating a list and making the correct choices so it all gets done. Life is all about choices . . . we are confronted with these options daily and throughout the day. While some are minimal and have small or infinitesimal consequences, others are just the opposite. Sometimes those consequences are not known for some time. All I know is this is one of those weeks I need to get a lot of things off my plate. We are also interviewing another person this week. This is such an interesting thing being on the committee.

Well, regardless the outcome of the week, it will pass quickly. I have more on my plate than seems manageable at the moment, but it is a matter of discipline and priorities. I will check in again something during the week and share how things are going. 

Thanks for reading as always. 

Dr. Martin

Published by thewritingprofessor55

I am a professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and the director of and Professional and Technical Writing minor, a 24 credit certificate for non-degree seeking people, and now a concentration in Professional Writing and Digital Rhetoric. We work closely to move students into a 4+1 Masters Program with Instructional Technology. I love my work and I am content with what life has handed me. I merely try to make a difference for others by what I share, write, or ponder through my words.

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