From Chocolate to Michael Jackson

Good Morning, Yesterday (Monday) might have been the most enjoyable day thus far, though we are headed on an excursion today that should be quite amazing. I have some small concern as it is a bit overcast, the most since we have been here, but the clouds seem to move quickly, so we will see.Continue reading “From Chocolate to Michael Jackson”

Una día nueva

Saludo de la vista de mi cuarto, What an amazing morning here mi primer día completo en Dominicana república. Estoy en mi balcón y la vista está maravillosa.La temperatura está aproximadamente en 85 grados Fahrenheit y hay un poco de brisa. El sol está brillante. Estoy comiendo fresa mango y sentado en mi balcón, escuchandoContinue reading “Una día nueva”

When does one relax?

Hello from my office, I have finished grading for the semester and turned in those grades, I have managed a couple of items that need to be managed to get ready for the summer and I actually have a bit of time where I could relax (whatever that means) and perhaps merely take some downtime.Continue reading “When does one relax?”