Moving Toward a Rhetoric of Hope

Good Saturday Morning, It has been a bit of a crazy week. At this point last weekend, my HP tablet, the university computer, decided (for the second time) to pop the plastic clips that hold one side of the case closed. I believe it is the case of an overheated battery again, causing the caseContinue reading “Moving Toward a Rhetoric of Hope”

Learning from a 17 Year Old

Hello from my kitchen, We are back to school, so to speak, though most of my work will occur at my kitchen counter, in my study, or somewhere in my house. I did go to my office one last time today to set up a watering system for my plants (both the ones in myContinue reading “Learning from a 17 Year Old”


Good morning from my office, I am back in the quiet confines of Bakeless, where I am able to just work because we are on break and there is no one to disturb my progress. The quietness reminds me of the very first morning I walked into the church where I had just be calledContinue reading “Progressing”

Two Steps Forward . . .

Good early morning from my office. I went home early last night and went to sleep and then I woke up even earlier, so I am back in my office and working. I get a lot more done here than in my office/study at home, so it is about 2:00 and I got back toContinue reading “Two Steps Forward . . .”