Endings, Beginnings, and Imagining

Hello from my comfortable little space in Sébaco, Nicaragua, It is midafternoon on the 30th of December, and, of course, many people are pondering how to bring in a new year, to close out the remaining hours of an old one, and perhaps, imagining what that numerical change to 2023 means. The things people do,Continue reading “Endings, Beginnings, and Imagining”

In the Presence of Wisdom

Hello from the shadow of my Christmas tree as I listen to Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas music, During this week 25 years ago, I said my physical goodbye to my adopted father as he rapidly lost his battle with multiple cancers and a battle with dementia. It was this week 8 years ago, I came homeContinue reading “In the Presence of Wisdom”

“Who Do You Say . . .?”

Hello from my little working table, I am finishing a sample paper, organizing the next two weeks as well as Winter Term, and still commenting and grading. Welcome to my life in a metaphorical nutshell. And yes, it seems nuttier than usual. As I noted with some, when posting a previous blog in another venue,Continue reading ““Who Do You Say . . .?””